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May 2024

Oh Wow! What an amazing Bath Championship Show - gorgeous Deli is 2nd in a large Junior bitch class and then wins Post Graduate!!!

The star is Merlin - Sonnetend Too Funky - winning Veteran Dog/Bitch, Best Veteran and then goes an incredible Gundog Veteran Group 3!!!!

Sonnetend Field Spaniel
Group 3 Sonnetend Too Funky

April/May 2024

A lovely Limit win at WELKS Championship Show for Mavis - Sonnetend Silk Stockings for Sylviidae, and at The National the 2 youngsters, Nancy and Becky - Sonnetend Eternal Flame and Sonnetend You Belong With Me - were 1st and 2nd in a strong Junior class. Tweed - Sh Ch Sonnetend Faith was 1st in Veteran bitch!  

The weather is warming up now so some photo opportunities including the beautiful Northern Lights from home.

Sonnetend Field Spaniels

Deli - Sonnetend It's Meant To Be

March 2024

CRUFTS 2024 was a blast!!!

Some lovely results for our Sonnetend Field Spaniels, noteably a lovely 2nd for Ivy and a 4th for Mavis in Limit bitch, a 1st for Tweed in Good Citizens bitch, a 5th for Griff in a huge Open dog class and our own super star Deli - Sonnetend It's Meant To Be - winning her puppy bitch class, Best Puppy Bitch and 2nd in Junior - the biggest class of the day, with her sisters Nancy and Becky coming 4th and 5th in the Puppy class too!! Our own Merlin was 4th in Veteran Dog too!

Lovely to see friends do well and huge congratulations to Walter - Sh Ch Nadavin Yaden at Irisbel - winning the dog CC and Best of Breed!

Field Spaniel Crufts 2024
Field Spaniel Sonnetend It's Meant to Be

January 2024

Manchester Championship Show started with a bang for Maureen with Tweed - Sh Ch Sonnetend Faith - winning her class and the bitch CC and best Veteran. Also Maureen's Puppy Nancy - Sonnetend Eternal Flame - qualifying for Crufts 2024 - that means 3 litter sisters from the Eternal Flame litter, have qualified for Crufts 2024! Also, the gorgeous Ivy - Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck - wins Limit!

Sonnetend Faith field spaniel

December 2023

A quiet month with no shows for us ...but time for a photo session instead, and then onto Christmas festivities.

News that Ivy - Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck - won Limit bitch at LKA championship show - congratulations Sally and Ivy!

Great to see Top Field Spaniel Puppy 2023 is Nadavin Neala JW who is sired by Neville - Sonnetend Fastlove at Sylviidae.

Black Sonnetend Field Spaniels

November 2023

Another Best Puppy in Breed for Deli and some super AV results too at Amman Valley. And a Best of Breed for Merlin in great company!

Playing in the paddocks!

October 2023

A first show for the new baby - Deli - Sonnetend It's Meant to Be - and a lovely Field Spaniel Best Puppy and Puppy Group 4 at Aberystwyth Canine Society, and a Best of Breed for Merlin. 

At her first Championship Show - SWKA - Deli delighted us with a 2nd in a big puppy class, 2nd in Junior and 1st in Post Grad, and so is qualified for Crufts 2024! Go baby girl!!!! Merlin also did us proud with a 2nd in Open dog and Reseve Best Dog.

Happy to hear that Becky and Nancy, Deli's sisters have been out strutting their stuff too with some Best Puppy in Breed awards and a Crufts qualification between them!

Deli - black field spaniel puppy - Sonnetend It's Meant to Be

September 2023

Beginning of the month sees another Post Grad win for Clemmie - Sonnetend Kiss Me Kate - at Birmingham City Championship Show. Lovely to see Tweed - Show Champion Sonnetend Faith - win Open bitch. Great to have Merlin - Sonnetend Too Funky - back out in the ring with a 3rd in Limit Dog.

Field Spaniel - Sonnetend Kiss Me Kate

August 2023

A lovely start to the month with Clemmie winning another Post Grad class at National Gundog Association Championship show, followed by another win at Welsh KC Championship show.


News from the World Dog Show - the gorgeous Plume - Multi Champion Sonnetend Indiana Jones - is World Winner and Best of Breed in Geneva. This is an amazing achievement and huge congratulations go to his owners Davide and Elena. Plume lives in Italy and is also hugely successful in the working field, with placings at Field Trials.

We are hugely proud and this is the 2nd time we have bred a dog who has won this accolade, the first being Ianto - Sh Ch Sonnetend Tic Tac Toe in August 2018.

And a further update from Driffield Championship show, where the lovely Ivy - Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck - wins Open bitch and Best Bitch - congratulations Sally on a super result!

Field Spaniel World Winner 2023 Plume - Sonnetend Indiana Jones

June 2023

The FSS Championship Show took place in June and Clemmie had a good 2nd in Post Grad bitch. Griff  - Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen - won his Limit Dog class and Star of the day was Mavis -  Sonnetend Silk Stockings for Sylviidae - who won a quality Open Bitch class and gained her Stud Book Number!

A trip up to Blackpool saw a Post Grad win for Clemmie.

Roan field spaniel Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen
Beautiful head of liver field spaniel Sonnetend Silk Stockings for Sylviidae

March - May 2023

It's been a busy couple of months - March saw the arrival of our first litter in 3 years!

Nora has given us 8 beautiful Field Spaniel puppies - sired by the beautiful and very chilled Griff - Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen. They are an absolute joy. Good luck to them all in their new homes - hope to see a couple in the show ring!

Puppies - field spaniel 2023 - The Eternal Flame Litter

January / February 2023

More snow in the middle of January means more snowy


Delighted to see the Our Dogs announcement that the gorgeous Storm - Sonnetend Magic Touch at Carinyssader - is Top Stud Dog (Field Spaniel) for 2022 - we are very proud breeders!

November / December 2022

A quiet couple of months, although we did manage to venture out to LKA at the end of the year. Some lovely snow days here at our new house in mid December - just so beautiful even if we did have to walk up the lane as the car couldnt get up the hill!!

Great to see Sh Ch Jesham Baronet is Top Field Spaniel for 2022 - he is out of our dear Spencer - Sh Ch Elgert D'zzee Rascal with Sonnetend JW - and sire to our Cole Porter litter.

A few snowy photos as we say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023! Wishing you health and happiness from us all at Sonnetend!

Black field spaniels Clemmie and Merlin posing in the snow

September / October 2022

A nice Limit win at Richmond Championship show for Ivy - Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck -  and another at Darlington in some super company! This was followed by a Best Bitch award at SKC to go with her Best Bitch award at Driffield in late August.  And great to see Tweed - Sh Ch Sonnetend Faith -  back out at Darlington winning the Reserve Bitch CC!  Also at Darlington, gorgeous Griff - Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen - wins a lovely Limit dog class.

Beautiful Nessa - Sonnetend Naughty Naughty - has now won a couple of Best of Breeds as she is now settling into the show scene!

A trip out to SWKA with our Clemmie saw her winning her Post Grad class and Reserve Best Bitch!

Field Spaniel wins at Championship show

August 2022

It's been a busy couple of months settling into our new home. 

We have ventured out to a couple of shows with some fabulous results.

The Field Spaniel Society Championship Show saw Clemmie attend her first show and delighted us winning both her classes! Merlin was 3rd in his class in good company!

Ivy - Sonnetend Wake Up and Dream at Wireduck - has won her way out of Post Grad with wins at Birmingham National and Three Counties and is now up in Limit. Huge well done to Sally!

Blackpool saw Griff - Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen - win the Reserve Dog CC - huge congratulations Kath and Wendy!

Last weekend at NGA Championship Show Clemmie attended her 2nd show and again won both her classes and then amazed us all winning the Reserve Bitch CC!

A little trip out to a local Open show - Vale of Glamorgan - saw Oliver back in the ring handling Matilda to 2nd in Open.

Congratulations to Griff on his BOB! A fabulous day with great friends - if very hot!

Field Spaniel Clemmie - Sonnetend Kiss Me Kate - and Abi
Field Spaniels at a show

May 2022

May saw a huge change for us! We moved house from a village in West Sussex that was becoming increasingly less rural, to the beautiful region of Ceredigion in Wales. The views are stunning and our dogs are having the time of their lives.

23rd April 2022

Lovely to hear from the European Dog Show in Paris, where Plume was Best of Breed and European Winner. Congratulations to Plume and all other winners!

13th March 2022

Crufts update!

What an amazing Crufts we had!

Delighted with all Sonnetends - The lovely Ivy winning Post Grad bitch (biggest class of the day), beautiful Nev shocking Layla by winning Open dog, handsome, young Griff 2nd in a big Post Grad dog class, and our own Merlin - 2nd Limit dog and then amazing us going on to win the Reserve Dog CC! We are over the moon!

Huge congratulations to Duncan with Marvel - Cochen Hocus Pocus of Hurndewin (Sonnetend Magic Touch at Carinyssader x Cochen Flamenco) winning his 2nd CC with Best of Breed.

Congrats too to Gretel with Betsy winning the Bitch CC, and hugest congratulations to Calleigh with Aubree (Irisbel English Rose) winning her two classes, Best Puppy and topped it off winning the Reserve Bitch CC.

Aubree is a Nev grandaughter and we're very proud!

Crufts win for Sonnetend Field Spaniels

10th - 13th March 2022

Crufts has begun.....

Gundog day is Sunday....see you there!

Or you can see Field Spaniels on the Discover Dogs stand on all four days!

Field Spaniels at Crufts

Finally our new look website is live!

January 2022

Great to meet up with friends at Manchester Championship Show and so proud of Neville - Sonnetend Fastlove at Sylviidae - gaining his Stud Book Number!

A lovely win for young Griff (Sonnetend Spellbinder by Cochen) too in Post Grad dog!

Lovely to see Marvel (Cochen Hocus Pocus of Hurndewin) win his first CC and BOB, and Betsy (Elgert Lady Sta'dust) gain her crown. Best Puppy was young Calleigh's new baby Aubree (Irisbel English Rose) enjoying her day out!

Field Spaniel - Sonnetend Fastlove

Sonnetend Fastlove at Sylviidae