SONNETEND Field Spaniels and Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas

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Sh Ch Coverwell Davy’s Double to Sonnetend

Sh Ch Nadavin Inheritance
Coverwell Black Wool

Bred by Mrs J Ford
14/7/01 - 29/5/15

Hips 5:3
Eyes Clear (Feb 2014)

Max came to us in August 2008 at just over 7 years old. He soon formed a strong bond with Martin both in the show ring and the shooting field (and on the sofa!!) His achievements have astounded us. He won his first CC just before his 8th birthday, and his title less than 3 months later. He now has 9 CCs , winning 3 in 2011 at the age of 10. He is pictured above at Richmond Championship Show 2011, winning his 8th CC together with BOB under judge Chris Bexon.

Max died peacefully in his sleep just short of his 14th birthday. We miss him dreadfully but he lives on in his progeny.

Max’s achievements:

CC and BOB Blackpool Champ Show 2009 - Charles Holgate

CC and BOB SKC 2009 - Frank Kane

CC and BOS Richmond 2009 - Mrs Ann Moss

CC and BOS Darlington 2009 - Jeff Horswell

CC and BOB Manchester 2010 - Mrs Ferelith Somerfield

CC and BOB Bath 2010 - Mrs Jennifer Lloyd-Carey

CC and BOS SKC 2011 - Mrs Shula Shipton

CC and BOB Richmond 2011 - Chris Bexon

CC and BOB Midland Counties 2011 - Mrs Margaret Robson


Following Max’s win at SKC  in 2009  Max was asked to pose for photos for Frank Kane’s book  Judging the Gundog Breeds!