Pedigree Of Sonnetend Soft Touch
BreedSpaniel (Field)
Breeder/OwnerMr & Mrs M & D Stone
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great GrandparentsGreat Great Great Grandparents
Tayowen Touch of Dignity
Gamefell GambitGamefell GrouseMoroto MaestroSH CH Bowgate Double Brandy
Mittina Christmas Carol
SH CH Merry Megan Of GamefellTempletrine Mark Anthony
Mittina Christmas Rose
Gamefell FoxtrotCH Rhiwlas Garth Shade OakSH CH Elmbury Edward
Hyfrydle Jennifer of Rhiwlas
SH CH Gamefell FaunSH CH Water Bailiff of Westacres
Gamefell Grace
Show Champion Tayowen Touch of DreamsSH CH Dubldee Knight of the Shire
CH Parkanine Pioneer of DubldeeCH Bacanti Benjamin of Winterwood
Shirmal Shareen of Parkanine
SH CH Tayowen Temptation of DubldeeCH Tolgarth Kauri
SH CH Nadavin Dusky Princess of Tayowen
SH CH Tayowen Touch of Satin
CH Rhiwlas HafrenSH CH Rimaelia Harvey
Rhiwlas Hazel Coppice
Tayowen Touch of ClassCH Tolgarth Kauri
SH CH Nadavin Dusky Princess of Tayowen
Show Champion Elgert Cadenza for Sonnetend
Can Ch Winfarthings Jonathan Archer for Mishules
Can & Am Ch Soberhill Water Archer by Mishules
Mishules Geordi La ForgeSH CH Dubldee Knight of the Shire
Shirmal Sally Ann of Mishules
Soberhill AphroditeSH CH Rhiwlas Woodcock at Soberhill
Rhiwlas Willowoak of Soberhill
Can & Am Ch Capriole's Carilon Reflection
Am Ch Marshfield's Boys' Night OutAm & Can Ch & CT Calico's Hot Pursuit del Prado
Am Ch Cotoica's Texas Sagebrush
Am Ch Maplesugar CarillonSar-Deb's The Eveready Charger
Am Ch Maplesugar's Caillech
Show Champion Nadavin Lilianna for Elgert
Nadavin Josiah for Elgert
SH CH Nadavin InheritanceSH CH Nadavin Diplomat
Nadavin Golden Girl
SH CH Nadavin HeiressSH CH Elgert Messiah
SH CH Nadavin Elegance
Nadavin Golden Girl
Coralmist Clannard of NadavinSH CH Coralmist Correspondent
Country Melody of Coralmist
SH CH Nadavin EleganceWoodgay Fieldfare
SH CH Nadavin Danielle
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